Never Miss a Retiree Health Insurance Premium Again!!

We are happy to announce a new way to pay your monthly Local 804 Welfare Trust Fund Retiree payment. No lost payments in the mail or having your Health benefits suspended again. Simply set it and forget it.

What Is This Service?
Local 804 Federal Credit Union will pay your monthly Local 804 Welfare Trust Fund Retiree payment automatically for you each month from your Credit Union account.

How Does It Work?
On the 28th of each month the Credit Union will automatically withdraw your monthly payment and submit it to the Welfare Trust Fund for the next month’s payment. For example, a January 28th withdrawal for February 1st monthly payment.

How Do I Sign Up for This Service?
If you are an 804 IBT retiree or are getting ready to retire and want to sign up for Automatic Retiree Insurance payments simply call the Credit Union at 718-878-4624 and a Member Service Representative will be happy to answer your questions and sign you up.