Rebuilding Your Credit

If you’ve faced challenges with your credit, it may feel like your bad credit score will follow you forever. The good news is that nothing in the world of credit lasts forever. Negative information in your credit report may be dragging down your score now, but those penalties will eventually fall off after a set period. And even before that, you can take positive steps to start building your credit back up. Here’s how.

STEP 1: Obtain Your Credit Reports

The first step to fixing your credit is to know where you stand. This means that you need to get your credit report, so you can see what it says. The easiest way to obtain your credit reports is to download them for free at You can also call toll-free at 877- 322-8228 to request your reports by phone.

STEP 2: Review Your Reports

Credit reports contain six basic sections of information. Those include your personal information, credit history, credit inquiries, public records, consumer statements, and disclosures. As you work to rebuild your credit, the areas you need to pay attention to are Credit History, Credit Inquiries, and Public Records. You specifically want to look for any negative information, such as missed payments and delinquent account statuses in your credit history and collection accounts, bankruptcies, and foreclosures in public records.

STEP 3: Repair Your Credit

Repairing your credit refers to the process of reporting errors in your credit report so that the information can be corrected. You can dispute a mistake directly with the data furnisher (the creditor, lender, or collector that supplied the information) or with the credit bureau that issued the report

STEP 4: Taking Steps to Improve Your Credit Score

To build your credit moving forward, be sure you make all your payments on time, bring delinquent accounts current, keep your credit utilization ratio low by avoiding big balances, and space out new credit applications by at least six months.

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